What to Expect

What a Chiropractor can help

Getting Started
When you first come into our office, you’ll be greeted by our friendly team and given some paperwork to fill out.

Then, you’ll meet with Dr. Ratkowski for a consultation, which is always complimentary. Then if you agree to proceed, an evaluation/examination will be performed.

  • Discussion IF X-Rays are needed will be discussed
  • First appointment duration with us will last approximately 40 minutes.

We understand that you may be in pain when you first visit us, and we want to give you relief as soon as possible, but getting all pertinent information is important.

Your Second Visit
On your return visit, you’ll meet with Dr. Ratkowski for a full report of her findings from your first visit. You’ll know exactly what’s happening in your body, and Dr. Ratkowski will explain how we can help you.

  • This visit is approximately 20 minutes.

Following Visits
A follow-up visit with us will take about 10-20 minutes.

You Don’t HAVE to Come Back, You’ll WANT to.

Some patients choose to see us for relief care or to fix the cause and stabilize it. Others choose wellness care to be proactive and prevent future problems and we love to see that. The choice is yours.

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"I believe the body was designed to be healthy because of its innate wisdom and ability to heal itself."
Cynthia Ratkowski, D.C.

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